About Goalminder

Goal Line Technology - Visually Informed

Goalminder with its patented [pending] imaging systems is a world leader in the area of Goal Line Technology, Goal Mouth Information and Monitoring Systems.

Goalminder's two co-founders are life-long Bolton Wanderers fans. They were driven to develop the ideas and patents partly through their passion for the game but also as a result of a goal-line incident which occurred back in 1997. The specific incident occurred during the Bolton v Everton match that year, when Gerry Taggart's header was disallowed. The consequences ultimately led to Bolton being relegated. The disputed Frank Lampard 2010 World Cup "goal" incident re-ignited the world's interest in goal-line technology. FIFA, as a direct result, has commenced trials of goal-line technologies with a view to its introduction in the 2014 World Cup

With trials recently completed at FIFA's Headquarters in Zurich earlier in 2011, Goalminder has now been invited by FIFA to complete further trials. These are due to be completed within the next 12 months.

So, what is it that has so many people excited about Goalminder's goal line technology and information systems? Quite simply put "Visually Informed"