Goalminder Technology

Goalminder's technology delivers actual visual images from high speed cameras built into the fabric of the goal posts and cross bar. Our patents (both actual and pending) along with our technology, provides a perfect solution delivering accurate, real-time decisions on any goal-line incident direct to the match officials.

We show the actual event, at the point where the "ball goal line" incident happened. Nothing predicted, no guesswork, just undisputable pictures. But this is only half of the picture, so to speak. The real measure of our technology is the benefits that this offers fans, clubs and broadcasters alike.

This is where Goalminder's monitoring and information systems bring so much more. Just imagine the benefits fans, coaching staff and broadcasters can gain from being able to review, relive and discuss the goalmouth incidents that our system records. All in high quality, 2000 frames per second video.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities in addition to the potential broadcast revenue, means the payback from installing Goalminder's technology is very attractive both commercially and in terms of value added.